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canvas painted seascape picture of a sunset over the ocean

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pictures of seascapes of tropical seascape

Gulf of Mexico Seascape






seascape art of the coast of Beize with a sunset over the ocean
Isle of Capri
Belize Beach Scene
nautical art iof sailboats in a harbor in Norther Michigan
nautical art painting of sailboats in a harbor

Harbor Springs


Beach Day

Lake View

Lake View painting of sailboat leaving a habor
Most nautical art paintings are also available as prints.

Kayaks in Belize

Nautical art. Kayaks in Belize

sea birds over the ocean with beach and sailboat

Frigate Birds

Ocean Sunset

Costa Rica

Seascapes offer such endless variety to paint. The interplay between ocean and sky is is always changing. There is guaranteed to be a different sunset every evening and different cloud formations every day.                        Because I often have to launch my boat through breaking surf, I have studied the waves for hours. The intricate detail of waves, even ripples, on the water is manna for an artist and essential information for a sailor.  Add to that a beach, some palm trees, a sailboat or two and the possibilities for seascape painting and nautical decor are limitless. 

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Tropical seascape art of Costa Rica with a sailboat
seascapes painting of  fishing boats with a sunset over the ocean
Capri Fishing Boats

Sand Dollar Key

Harbor Springs Pond